Aldi Chisel Sets Back *PIC*

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If not already announced, the $7/set WorkZone chisels are back in stock at Aldi stores in the US. Limited sizes (8, 13, 18, 24mm) and fairly rudimentary grinding, but they clean up well and the steel seems to behave like some of my old, old Marples, which is to say surprisingly well in stock that is not too abrasive (rock maple = yes; curly anigre = no). The handles bite, but I almost never get as annoyed with handles as with blades, so annoyance versus a no-go.

One of my students is cleaning up a set, and the heavy grinding marks do clean up with a bit of 80 grit. Not terrible - especially for what sales tax runs on a set of 4 mid-grade tools.

And yes - have a box of flea and PATINA blades to rehab, but for student/budget use, tough to beat $7 and a 5 minute drive to source them.

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