Re: My recent pencil score

Larry Clinton At Frankfort, (Central) Indiana
I have some of each! As an Engineer, I started with the old lead holder and pointing sharpener, then 9mm and 5mm mechanical pens. I have all these in my shop desk.

However I have a good electric pencil sharpener and usually prefer to use pencils when a marking knife is not called for.

A few years ago when attending the Indiana covered bridge festival flea markets and yard sales I ran into a yard sale that had boxes of new pencils (apparently with an address for a Church that had either closed or moved). I purchased several boxes of these #2 pencils. Each box had 200 or more pencils.

I have a large old coffee can with a hundred or so of these sharpened, along with some silver, red and other colored pencils. I have several sharpened pencils near all my equipment and use them once or twice and toss them on my desk for resharpening. After furnishing all my grandchildren all the pencils they wanted I still have lifetimes left!

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