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craftsman grinder sharpener

Andrew J. Parker
Last week while at my in -laws I was asked if I had any interest in my father-in-laws sharpening tools he was selling. He had been in the business for the last 25 years and was no longer able to continue due to a stroke and other illness. Most of the equipment is foley and specialized and I am just gettibg into turning so I took a look around. He has a delta wet wheel I may get but i found a craftsman combination grinder and sharpener that used a separate motor. It appeared perfect fro chisels and the like as it was a 30 to 1 reduction from the vertical wheel to the horizontal stone on top. The model # is 101.22670. It is dark grey(probably from the 60's or early 70's) and in new condition with two small jigs. My problem is that when I went to the craftsman site to check on stones etc the model # did not come up. I called sears parts direct(a true lifeline) and they have no record of that # existing. Now I have tools over 60 years old that I can get manuals for and in many cases parts from sears I just never heard of one not existing. OWWM had nothing either. If anyone out there has any info at all I would be very apprecaitive.I will try to post a picture later if I can.

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