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Todd O. Cronkhite
My advice to you wouldbe to first decide just what it is that you want to do with "woodworking", and what "style" In other words, do you want to make birdhouses, hgh end furniture or canoes for example, then set about acquiring the required tools. I'm mostly a Handtool guy and encourage you HIGHLY to start with a basic set of planes, say a #7 or #8, a #5, a #4, and a Scrub. Get a few quality handsaws, a ripsaw, and a Crosscut, a few Spokeshaves, and Drawknives, a Brace and some Bits for both soft and Hard woods. I'd do all of this BEFORE dropping big money on power tools. As far as I am concerned the only power tool really worth spending money on is a Bandsaw.

Like I said at the beginning, the FIRST thing is to decide within your Heart just what it is you want to do with working wood.

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