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Brass or bronze "eye" plate

Bill Houghton
>Our gate from driveway to back walk - the main way we come into the house, actually - currently has a magnetic catch on it to hold it open. This turns out not to be strong enough for windy days, and I think I need a hook and eye. The gate is a very formal gate, so a galvanized hook/eye combination is not my first choice. What I'd like to find is the kind of hook and eye my elementary school had: heavy brass or bronze, going into an eye on a "plate" that screws into the door.

The local architectural salvage place has a hook, but the owner tells me he rarely finds both parts, because the door and the trim get separated.

We were at a performance of "Fiddler on the Roof" yesterday, and I realized that the eyes used to retain those velvet ropes that old theaters have would be perfect. Anyone have something like that?

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