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Jet 10x2x1" Flap wheel

Edward L. Clark
>I own a Jet 10" 1HP Sander/Buffer such as those seen in many Woodcraft stores. This is a fine machine but unfortunately Jet has discontinued nearly all the sanding accessories for it. I use mine to finish sand the small toys that I make for handicapped and disadvantaged children. I am a member of 2 Toymakers clubs in the Tampa area and the flap wheel sander improves greatly my production of these toys here in my shop in No.Carolina, my summer residence. I've tried to locate some of these and the only source so far is Klingspor, But these flap wheels are expendable as the abrasive wears off and they want $90.00 each for them. Jet wheels sold for about $40.00 and even that is a lot for what amounts to a handful of sheets of sandpaper. Someone, hopefully, has a better source for these wheels. If you can help please send an email to my above address.
Thank you so much.

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