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small cut-offs you are throwing away! *PIC*

Mark Williamson
>Hello all!
Thank you for reading this! I have seen several people wondering what to do with their cut-offs that are "too small to do anything with"! I turn miniatures and would LOVE to have some of your scraps! I use pieces as small as 1/2" sq. X 1/8" thick! I use these smaller pieces for necks/rims/bases/laminate striping on vases, bowls and hollow forms! They may be too small for you to do anything with however I would really be able to use them! You could just as easily bag them into ziplock bags and throw them into a priority mail box. When the box gets full, email me and I would send you the money for the flat rate shipping. If you have any scraps that are as big as or bigger than the above mentioned size and you are currently burning or throwing away and wouldn't mind sending them my way please let me know!
My email address is...


My mailing address is...

2453 Lewis B. Puller Memorial Hwy.
Shacklefords, Virginia 23156

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