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>Ask that question over on the turning forum and you will get many answers. The most common method is to use an 8" slow speed grinder with a grinding jig. The most common jig used is the Wolverine by Oneway.For gouges the varigrind attachment is usually used. Other turners use grinders freehand, belt sanders freehand or with jigs, or wet grinding systems like the Tormek. They all work and all have their devotees. I use the Wolverine jig 90% of the time. Here is a link to Packards page for the Wolverine System. Rocklers, Craftsupply, Klingspor, Highland Woodworking , and most other places that cater to turners carry them also. The jigs only help you maintain a grinding angle. The shape of the edge is still determined by how much is ground off of each spot on the cutting edge. Here is another link to the videos on the Oneway site. they show how to use their jigs. http://www.oneway.ca/multi-media/index.htm

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