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Re: looking for molding head that has one cutter

Paul Waddle
>Thats an idea,I hadn't thought of doing it,I thought it would be too hard to balance. I doubt if just weighing the two blanks and making them same as cutter would work.(theoretically) yes,but practical? Thats a good thought though,you guys sure do bail the old man out. Why do I want one cutter? I THINK,when raing blade and taking a deeper cut,the knife will trac better than 3 cutters. It may or may not.If not,maybe the blade is not perpendicular to wood. If this is the case,cutform will move when raisng blade-well it does for me ha ha. And by the way a detail I forgot to mention,I can't find my molding head anywhere, and I looked the garage over. I'll try again to find it.PW

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