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Looking for a Planer

Gr Smart
>Hello, its been a long while since I have been here. I also remember the days of Badger Pond. My dream is about to come to a reality. I have been setting up shop equipment for years including a timber harvester band saw mill and all of the indoor delta machinery that I could afford. I am now ready to retire to my 100 acres and just work with wood.

I am looking to purchase a 4 sided planer so I will be able to saw and shape a tree any way that I would want to. The planer is to be a good production model. I am going to build a building for the saw mill and the new planer.

I would appreciate any ideas to advise me on what kind of planer I should be looking for. My goal is to saw and plane lumber for for my own use and for those who want custom lumber. I do not know how big a planer I need but I want one sufficient enough to do a lot of work and do a good job with the least amount of break downs and hassles

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