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Extension Table Latch

Steve A
I am building a round extension table that was featured in Fine Woodworking. It is a design that was developed by Christian Becksvoort. I have a similar table in my dining room now that my grandmother bought in 1906. That one is going to my nephew.
On the older table there is a latch in the center of the table on the bottom. The latch holds the 2 halves of the table together. On one side of the table is a right angle bracket. The portion of the bracket that sticks down from the table has a square opening. On the other side of the table is the mechanism that engages with the bracket. Part of the mechanism is rigid and aligns the 2 halves when it slides in to the square opening on the bracket. Under the rigid portion is a spring loaded hook. The head / leading portion of the hook is rounded so that it can slide in to the square opening in the bracket until the 2 halves are fully together then the hook snaps in to place in the bracket. There is a wire from the center of the table to the edge of the table that is attached to a 'tail' on the hook. When you pull the wire the hook disconnects from the square bracket and then you can pull the 2 halves of the table apart. I am trying to find a similar locking mechanism so that I can mount it on my new table. I am hoping somebody knows where I can find one. I am going to try to post 2 pictures, 1 of each side from above the table. It is a pedestal table and it is not possible to get a picture of the mechanism from below.

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