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Re: manual for Zinken combo machine

Ron Simonsen
I'm hoping this thread is still active after all this time. I was recently lucky enough to get one of these wonderful old machines, and in beautiful working condition. I live in Australia (Brisbane) and would welcome connecting to other Aus or NZ owners. My email address is rons8330@gmail.com. I was fortunate to get original manual and illustrated parts list with it.

I currently have a couple of broken/missing parts. These are the little guides on the stirrup that changes the functions on the main drive shaft. I am looking to get these engineered but would like to have good photos or exploded views of the parts for this purpose. Better still (hopefully) if anyone has parts, I would be happy to buy them The parts number is 06260500.

I am happy to share or communicate with anyone interested. I absolutely love this small woodworking 'miracle'.

Regards to you all.
Ron S

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