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Walleye Tom
Well, I don't know of any plans off-hand, but it shouldn't be that hard to do. I would imagine the long handle part is what you want to make cool. Depending upon the length, I would use a Lighter Weight Wood otherwise it could get pretty heavy to lift that big old Walleye out of the water. But you also want it to be durable as well because things get slammed around in the boat often. You laminate a nice measuring line on it to check the length of the fish out. Maybe put a little "T" at the end of it for better handling. You could even build a couple of small compartments in it if it is a large enough diameter. If you use a heavy wood, just don't drop it in the water, it will probably sink. The only part I am not sure about doing would be the part the Net goes around. You would almost need to use that part from an aluminum or plastic net. It just seems like it would be hard to make that big opening durable enough so it doesn't break from wood.

I guess I have never seen a Custom-made wood fishing net handle before. But I would recommend you use the "no tangle" Rubber meshing rather than the nylon string for the net part. I think there are even some decent rubber meshings that expand a ways as you scoop up the fish.

Well, best of luck, sounds like a fun project.

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