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Neal (San Jose)
>I made my own on my Jet cabinet saw - just a plywood paddle hinged to the front fence rail with a piece of wood screwed on the back lined up with the "Off" button. I drilled a large hole in front of the "On" button so that I turn it on by sticking my finger thru the hole to push the "On" button. Probably took less than an hour to do, but on my saw the stock switch was right where I needed it for this to work.

If that doesn't work for you, Woodworker's supply (woodworker.com) has what looks like a pretty good one. Their part # 104-744. It is 120 volt, 15 amps. If your saw is wired 220 volts, then this one won't work. I've never seen it in person, but I've bought other things from them that were of good quality.

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