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Don B
>One of the best purchases I ever made. Saves a lot of time, once you get the hang of it. I would highly recommend getting the 2 quart container if you are going to spraypaint very large items.

The 1 quart model will do for any furniture you might need to spray. If you use pigmented paint, experiment with the different nozzle/tip set ups. Turbinaire is a good company to deal with and the instuction manual is very good. It still comes down to practice with it before you need it on a project.

Be sure and totally dissamble the gun after using to clean it. (disassembly is pretty easy, but be sure and do it a half dozen times in practice before you have paint in it and trying to clean it out.) I use a 5 gallon bucket of water to drop the parts into as I disassemble the gun. Do not leave the needle valve in the gun thinking that a dunking in water will remove the paint. Take it totally apart and wipe it down!

I bought the 1235 unit which is the 3 stage turbine. It has done everything I have asked of it and more. If you are going to use a lot of pigmented paint you need at least the 3 stage. If you are only going to use light coatings, you can get by with a 2 stage. For the price diffence, I would buy the 3 stage for the future potential use.

HVLP spary units are noisy! Ear plugs are a good recommendation. I do not think the whine is enough to harm your hearing, but it does get annoying after awhile.

You also must turn them off if you are going to stop spraying for more than a minute or so.

I also bought the following:

The small airbrush detail sprayer accessories for very small projects(about $40.00) As much time as it takes to change it over to the airbrush, I would probably not buy it again, but just use the regular 1 quart jar;

the 5 foot swivel hose that allows you to get inside cabinets with the gun (about $35.00 but worth every penny)(The standard hose is very stiff and causes some difficulty in manuvering);

Spare filters (priced very reasonably, about $10.00);

The extra Needle Valve Kit (I believe the kit is now two kits with 2 needle sets each. Mine has all four needle valves.) Very Pricy, but worth it if you use diffent products in your spray gun, ie.pigment paint, shallac, thick finishes, poly's, etc.

A Bleeder or Non-bleeder spray gun really makes no difference to the applied finish. You just need to remember that a bleeder will be blowing air out all the time and if you happen to let the spray gun point in the wrong direction and have dust or any dirt nearby, you will stir it up and possibly blow it on your project. Just remember to keep you gun pointed in a safe direction (true of any gun!)

Good luck with using one, they are addictive in that they greatly increase your productivity in finishing projects. Figure on reducing your "time use ratio" to 10 minutes with the spray gun for every hour you would have used a brush. You will greatly notice the difference with standard sized doors, cabinets with multiple drawers or doors, or any item with intricate details and mouldings.

Lastly, several of us have been bugging Turbinaire to make a DVD for assisting people with learning the ends and outs of the use of HVLP sprayers.
They say they are working on it, but it does not seem to be a priority. If you buy one, call them and bug them!

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