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Re: 2"x2"x4" or longer walnut scraps

William Duffield, on the Cohansey
>He's close. Woodfinder puts him second, distancewise, after taking into account the errors in their distance caculator due to the fact that I'm not a crow and can't fly over the Delaware Bay to get to places on the Delmarva. Carole would have a similar problem, in the opposite direction, as it would tell her that SJL a lot closer to her than it really is. He has an incredibly large and varied supply of teak. If I need some of that in a hurry, it's the place I go. Lots of boat builders in South Jersey use him for that reason as well. All I know is I saw lots of walnut that had been cut, but for which he implied he no longer had the original use for, and figured it might be what Carole was looking for. Note that when I saw it, I was not interested in turning it, so I did not investigate the precise sizes or prices. He gave the impression that the supply/demand equation might be to Carole's advantage. I also assumed that someone who asks for turning blanks either cannot or does not wish to do extensive milling of rough lumber themselves. With one cheap, quick phone call, she could find out if it was what she wanted, with much less effort than this explanation to your criticism took me.

When I want walnut, I usually go to one of a number of different "local" suppliers, but I buy 8/4 rough in random widths and 8' lengths and cut it to size, because I have the tools to do it, I get exactly the blank I need, and because I can always find uses for the trimmings. Also, I usually don't need "turning blanks" because I'm pretty good at guessing what the finished wood will look like from looking at the rough lumber, and a bandsaw and big skew chisel are my weapons of choice in getting it to "blank".

If you want good walnut and good service at reasonable prices, try Groff & Groff in Quarryville, Pennsylvania or Steve Wall in Mayodan, North Carolina. UPS makes these guys "local", too.

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