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Re: manual for Zinken combo machine

Dear Tim,

I would need your e-mail address to send you the PDF, however I tried to answer directly to the e-mail and I attached something that I had already in my mailbox. A scan of photocopies sent to me by a person some time ago, when I was not able to find my manuals.
There are some graphs with exploded parts of the Mia 6 and the spare parts specified.

Then, 10 days ago I fortunately found my original manual and spare parts list. (from first '80's !!)
I will scan them for you as soon as I can. I have them in my car, so probably today in the afternoon I will be able to scan them.

Concerning spare parts, please consider that the Manufacturer closed in 1985 and the name of the company was “Zinken Italiana”.
As I also want to have my old Mia6 working again, I tried to get some information recently.
The actual scenario in Italy is as follows:
- There is a company with a similar brand name “Gamma Zinken” (http://www.gammazinken.it/) but they produce different items.
They have never produced combined machines. They manufacture single tools as you can see in the web site (they have also
some pages in English).
- There is a series of combined machines with the name “Zinken” (like the model “Valentina”) that are sold insome internet-shop
but once again they have nothing to do with our Zinken Mia6 (even if the model seems quite similar). I’ve been told that this
line of new Zinken machines is preoduced by and ex-worker of “Gamma Zinken” who also incurred in some problems for unauthorized
use of the brand name. This is not an official data, but the owner of “Gamma Zinken”, who is a serious company, told me the story by e-mail.
- Some spare parts (in particular tools) still exist in some shop in the North of Italy. In particular I have found these that are also present in
Ebay: http://stores.ebay.it/colorificioferramentagrifferosnc - http://stores.ebay.it/ferramenta2006 ). But more than spare-parts they seem
to have some accessories and tools.
- I’m still searching if I’m able to find somebody who still has a stock of spare parts somewhere.

If you plan to import something to US, I think you have a quite wide choice from Italy. But why from Italy? ;-)

I will come back to you again with the other manuals

Have a nice day


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