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Multiple flute auger bits - question for Derek C.

John Aniano in central NJ
Hello Derek and anyone else who might know…

May I ask - in the past you mentioned a brand of excellent, clean cutting power drill bits (from Japan ? I think) on various WC posts. I think I remember you mentioned they had lead screws and 3 or 4 cutting flutes and spurs. What’s the name/brand of these and where had you obtained them? I recall you mentioning you used them to drill holdfast holes in the legs of an existing workbench. You drilled a pilot hole and the auger bits didn’t wander, iirc.

I have a need to drill a couple of accurate ~1” diameter dowel holes in several heavy ash pieces for the top of a Roubo-style workbench. I have to use a power drill instead of a drill press - the pieces are simply too heavy (~90lbs) to move to the drill press. I want to dowel them together so I can effectively use holdfasts and not have the pieces move against each other. The pieces won’t be glued, just dowelled - I’d rather keep them so they can be disassembled.



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