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Steve D, in CT
My 2 cents:

O1 is easy to sharpen on any stone, including natural oil stones and can be sharpened at a low angle, like 25 degrees.

I have had good experience with PM-V11 but it is more effort to sharpen and I find it very slow to hone on natural oilstones. I use Sigma Power waterstones on this steel with good results. It seems to be OK with 25 degree bevels too.

A2 if nothing else is available. I don't find any advantage that justifies the extra effort to sharpen it. I find that the bevel needs to be over 30 degrees for the edge to hold up. On a low angle bevel up plane like a DX60 the higher bevel may affect your performance with cutting end grain.

Using hollow grinds with any of those materials will greatly reduce the effort to make and maintain a sharp edge. If all you have is plain carbon steel tools, like O1, adding a more challenging steel may require new sharpening media depending on what you are doing currently.

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