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John in New Mexico
His reply illustrated that. He could have changed my mind using reason. He did not even try, yet he could not manage to simply ignore my comment.

I understand he is a therapist of some sort or another. I do not expect that a therapist who would use the word tantrum in a professional context is very good a their work (Derek did not claim the word as professional, in fairness to him, you did). Using such a pejorative descriptor just inflames people and makes them hostile to your observations. Really hard to help a person when they are hostile to their therapist, no isn't it.

My point is that I was surprised that someone in his field would choose his words that way. My professional thought processes tend to spill over into my writing on other subjects, I expected the same of him for some reason. Apparently I'm wrong about that.

Feel free to change my mind. Don't feel free to insult me again, it simply provides another opportunity to embarrass you. Eventually I will get tired of doing that I guess, so feel free to insult me if that makes you happy. I don't expect it does, but you would know better than I can.

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