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John in New Mexico
Isn't that the debating equivalent of "that's nice"!

Look, if you guys are going to run off any person stimulating discussion in this mausoleum honoring Patrick Leach, the least you all could do is provide the content you desire rather than dumping all over people who are pushing hand tool content which was less than what you desired. Although David's style may not have been to your taste, he did stimulate many discussions that were useful to anyone who uses hand tools. The discussions were not curated and polished as your build posts are, but perhaps that is why they stimulated people to respond. Your build posts tend to intimidate because they are so damn polished.

So basically your position is that David took his ball and went home, but you made the informed and reasonable decision to cease posting build threads because the reaction to them was less than what you desired. The ONLY two differences in these two situations are that 1.) no one asked you to take it down 3 notches and 2.) you didn't go and delete the offending posts. Number 2 followed from number 1, and given the rudeness of number 1, number 2 was a reasonable response.

I have to say, your objectivity is sorely lacking.

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