Hand Tools

The fundamental problem

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Few are building furniture here, and nobody building "pure" hand tool. Most are here for entertainment. Some are here for other hand tool reasons- restoration, collection, history, hand tool skills and tips etc.

So, if a desk is made and the drawers are made traditionally with machine prepared lumber, where and why to post? Is there an audience here for whatever can be described about the project? Probably not. I have to agree that posting furniture projects here does not provide much benefit to the poster or the audience. Better to post on the main message location and let the Hand Tool survive, or not, with what is left.?.

I believe David tried to keep this Forum alive by posting things that interested him. I can understand his disappointment that his efforts were not appreciated by some. You and I have tried to keep the Forum alive by posting furniture, similarly hoping to kindle a discussion. But if you are not building furniture or aiming to learn to build furniture, there is nothing to discuss from the audience beyond, "that's nice". The benefits of "green tape" vs "blue" can only be appreciated by someone using tape ;)

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