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Re: Thoughts on this forum

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Roger, my good friend, my poorly expressed comment (a while back) seems to have been interpreted as I am leaving the Hand Tool forum. That was not what I intended to convey. I wrote an open letter to David, as many of us did, to encourage him to stay. One of the points I tried to make - clumsily it seems - was that this forum is not particularly responsive to discussing furniture builds, and history reveals that there is more support for theoretical subjects …. such as blade making. If I post a build again, it will likely be to the Messages forum, where builds have more support and interest.

Moses, I agree with Roger’s comment about David: he had a tantrum, grabbed his ball, and left the playground. No doubt David is reading this. So, David, no one asked you to go. Quite the reverse - we asked you to stay. Just post with a little more control, as the sheer quantity and spontaneity of your posts has the power to overwhelm and dominate a forum. I do hope that you take the time to reflect on this, and return with your posts. There is more chance to find others of similar interests here than on a blog hidden away in a corner of the Internet.

Regards from Perth


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