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Studley tool chest poster

I have had my Studley poster about ten years. We use a molding at work that I sometimes modify just a little and use for picture frames. I found two pieces in the bin that were beautiful curly maple recently and decided to make a frame for my poster. I took the poster to work before I made the frame and showed it off some. A few of the people there are actual woodworkers and appreciate that kind of thing. Our plant manager said he had the same poster somewhere so I just made two frames with the same setups while I was making one, it didn't really take any time and my boss is letting me have some of the materials because he can't give me a raise. Now the plant manager has a frame for it and can't find his poster anywhere. I have looked all over for one, they are just out of print, not even on eBay. Does anyone know where I can find one?

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