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Re: Yet another restoration

Jack Dover
Just what Bill said: once you remove loose particles it just sits there. And whatever phosphate is not loose - is damn stubborn and just hangs in there tight.

Given that the sole is corrugated, I've spent quite a bit brushing whatever I could out. Once it was clean, or, rather, I was tired beyond a reason, nothing goes in the wood. So far I worked pine for a day, is it good enough? The finished surface is completely clean. Maybe I should plane some oak and see whether it darkens.

I haven't seen the plane before the Evaporust, so I have no idea whether I'd give it a pass. Surface grinding is not a silver bullet btw, one risky part that I recently realized is apparently there is a relation between a chip breaker and the sole, once it's changed it's a hassle to resolve it. I managed to find just one chip breaker that's short enough, so everything is resolved now, but it was a close call.

Also, I haven't seen #6 in the general range of 30$ for.. idk, 5 years? Regardless of its condition. Recently they got close to 100$, also, just have a look at the #4 prices. Maybe you live in a good area for this type of thing, but where I am everything on the ground has been picked clean and vendors are all running with an idea that anything remotely related to woodworking commands exorbital prices.

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