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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
It is a phosphate containing chemical. If it makes rust black it is making iron phosphate of some sort. The naming of what is in this stuff made incomplete sense to me other than it is a phosphate containing chemical. I think its mission is to leave a coating of the stuff where it has combined with the rust. Good for a rusty part on your tractor. Not so good on a plane.

Iron phosphates are undone by acidity. It could be an interesting experiment to dab a bit of citric acid on a black pitted area and see what happens. It could undo the black.

Electrolysis is an equal opportunity treatment. Everything will respond the same, including pits, blasting off loose stuff including Japaning and leaving behind a black iron oxide coating that will turn red promptly if not oiled or otherwise protected (see my write up in Articles)

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