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Steve D, CT
If the previous owner dunked it and you are cleaning it then the post soak cleanup is past the window of opportunity. I have used Evaporust and was OK with the metal after soaking but cleaned it off after removing from the bath.

My understanding from the "literature" is that E'rust isn't a phosphoric acid treatment but a chelation process. Not being a chemist I don't understand that.

I have used phosphoric acid (Jasco Paint Prep, either full or 50% dilution) and that will remove rust as well as prevent the recurrence of rust. I've used the 50-50 on flash rusted steel and let it dry and the metal won't rust again. It's nice for steel that is in the garage or shed that rusts due to condensation.

Maybe Bill T will weigh in on the chemistry of Evaporust and correct any misinformation I've put out there.

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