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Jack Dover
I didn’t mean to blame Evaporust, it just did its job. It’s just the guy dunked it as it was. I clean as much rust before applying Evaporust specifically because of this: phosphate is quite hard and formed film is pretty thick, which by the way tells a lot about end result stability. Again, not blaming the guy, being a machinist he wouldn’t care — a belt grinder or something would make a short job of it.

Rest makes sense now that you said it. I was thinking that maybe electrolysis would clean pitting, but now I’m not sure, what if it would make it look like glitter? Bet that Bill knows whether that would be the case. C****c a**d is a banned word in my workshop, at least around the part where restoration happens.

Spend an hour more scrubbing and sanding, got to the point where I can say “it’s her character” now, so this part is closed I guess.

Now the chip breaker. Compared various chip breakers I can tell they vary in length. I’m going to rummage through some old blades and breakers, maybe I’ll find a sufficiently short one. Other than that the only option left is to file and hammer the existing one.

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