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Jack Dover
Yeah, the original japanning is about 95%, there's just one spot where it came off. But it looks that all open iron was rusted. And it seems that if wasn't just superficial orange rust.

Rafael's picture explains it. Both sides on mine are pitted like the area near the handle on Raphael's photo, more densely and uniformly. Pretty deep, to the point where neither 80 grit nor a scraper is adequate. Maybe I rushed it, but now there's a halo of bright metal about 1/4" all around the side and it just looks dirty because of the dark phosphate. Body casting is sunken on all the flat surfaces, sole included (non-essential parts of it thankfully), so a hard block doesn't even reach worst parts. Yet it's a secondary concern.

I can live with pitted sides, but the iron assembly situation is what really bothers me. I figured how to put it so it can be retracted, but a few adjustments back and forth and it doesn't retract fully again. I was blaming a chip breaker, but maybe there's something else.

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