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Re: Yet another restoration

Jack Dover
Yeah, that's exactly what I'm talking about.

I just never put an item with too much rust on in in Evaporust, usually I remove as much loose rust as possible, so that Evaporust converts only what can't be reached. This one probably went into a bucket as is, so there was a pretty thick crust. It looked crumbly, but filled 80 grit right away in just a few swipes.

But that's not an issue, not anymore. I was wondering about removing visible "porosity" (which is a result of rusting, not regular cast iron porosity that's not even visible by a naked eye). Apparently this casting is not flat, so a file can't get to pretty much anything 1/4" from the edge. A wire brush already removed what it could remove. Have to admit that it's not as severe as yours, I'll make a picture later today. Most probably I'll try higher grits and just get accustomed to the fact that some of it will still reside.

Tried measuring a sole thickness, by the way. Not an easy task apparently, because it's has draft in pretty much every direction (kinda obvious, isn't it), but it's 0.17" the thinnest point, so it's okay. Maybe the cap iron is from another plane, idk.

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