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Yet another restoration

Jack Dover
Hello everyone!

I managed to get a good deal on a #6C. A previous owner wanted to restore it and had quite a bit of capacity, but changed his mind and sold it. The arrangement was such that I had a short return window, so basically the plane had to be brought to a working order in a very short time. I have a few questions now.

The sole was surface ground. Idk why, corrugated soles are easy to lap, but there's that. It looks like a grinder took a bit too much, so it's possible to set the iron assembly such that it wouldn't completely retract, leaving maybe 0.005 protruding. I bent a cap iron a bit more, filed a bit from the leading edge (there was a nick anyway) and now I can position the assembly such that it's completely retracted. Yet it's still possible to set it so it doesn't go back all the way. I found two options here:

- Put a shim between the yoke and the cap iron cutout. It's a later production Stanley, so there's plenty of slop, had to use aluminum lining fold twice. Advantage is minimal slop while adjusting (the prong of a yoke has quite a bit of slop too), disadvantage is fiddling with this shim every time, well, maybe aesthetics too.

- Try shortening the cap iron even more. Disadvantage here is I might ruin it. There's a similar issue with a transitional, which is sole shot and its iron protrudes quite a bit than this, a fat 1/16", but I'm thinking of re-doing the wooden part completely.

What would you do, would you leave a cap-iron be?

Another aspect is that previous owner seemingly dunked it in a bath of Evaporust. I don't like Evaporust and friends for two reasons. First, it leaves a thick film of black oxide which is pain to remove. Second, it goes into pores and creates a cheese like surface. Both of these is a telltale of using Evaporust and their combination looks cheesy. I didn't spent too much on in, basically, scraped as much as I could off, and started with 80 grit, but within an hour realized that manual labor isn't going to cut it. I realize it's cosmetics, but this plane is in a much better shape (95% japanning, minimal pitting, etc), so I was thinking maybe going a step further with polishing sides.

Again, what would you do if porous surface would bother you?

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