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That's a shame..

David Weaver
..I had a queen stockman in D2 and didn't keep it that long. It wasn't that there was anything really wrong with it, there just wasn't anything right about it once you get used to really sharp knives.

If yours (not sure who the maker might be and not egging you to put your name and their name in a post so they can get stiff with you) isn't good, that's their fault, and if it rolls over, it's just courtesy of them not making it hard enough. Which is too bad, because ingot D2 is extremely low toughness and probably needs to be protected via leaving it soft, but PM d2 would handle 60 hardness in a knife no problem.

That sort of goes back to the drum I constantly beat on here, though - alloy is down the list (within reason), but poor hardness is something that alloy can't overcome. Good steels otherwise are generally an appropriate trade off. PM D2 should be a good steel.

I wasn't reading what knife people like more than 10 years ago, but understand D2 made some makers a living. I don't know what they did with the original stuff, but processing can improve carbides some. But not like you could with PM. I would be surprised if I couldn't heat PM D2 quickly and make a good knife blade with it (XHP is really good just doing that). I have maybe too much xhp left to get PM D2, but it's not horribly expensive (not cheap compared to ingot of the same, but about $70 with shipping to make a pair of knives and a plane blade or three plane blades. )

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