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yes, flat stock...

David Weaver
.it does make a good iron. I thought what it would be though is a slightly longer wearing carbon steel iron (O1 is more alloyed than what you'd call "carbon steel" once you get further into alloys - it's a thru hardening/oil hardening steel).

But, it seems to have about the same edge life as 1084 and 1095 so far, which is a little puzzling.

But it's still a very "easy sharp" sweet iron. It's just harder than what 1084 and 1095 would be at the same temper level. IT does what I like, though, which is to raise a wire edge on a synthetic stone, refine to very sharp on the washita, and a flip and a light touch and the burr is gone.

I think that kind of thing has no appeal, though, unless someone is strictly looking for a white 1 equivalent in plane iron.

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