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Re: Trying to figure out how I fit in here

eliot feldman
Thanks for such a sensible and thoughtful reply. I have to admit that in my case it was indeed Norm. My first purchase was a table saw. My dear wife, Claudia, came with me to the store, where I picked out some random-brand saw. I was about to pay for it, when she emerged from the back of the store and had me and the store manager go back there, where she said, "I like this one better." It was a Powermatic 66; five horse power. The manager said that I wasn't ready for it(honest guy!) Claudia said " Do you want to make a sale?" He said, "Get out your checkbook." I've never been sorry. But I love all this hand tool stuff. Right now I am going very slowly through Rob Cosman's hidden hinge box. It's amazing what you can learn when you try to step up your game!

I suppose my post had to do with feeling like an outsider.

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