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Re: Trying to figure out how I fit in here

John Aniano in central NJ

I've been reading and occasionally posting to two hand tool forums, this WoodCentral forum, and the long now defunct Badger Pond forum. "Neanderthal" was a term that referred to hand tool useage, vs. "Normite" as for a Norm Abrams power tool user. Neither term is much used now.

Many folks got into woodworking because of Norm Abrams and his Yankee Workshop program. Others learned about working wood through The Woodwrights Shop and Roy Underhill. Others, like me, learned through books (Eric Sloane, etc.) and shop class in middle and high school as well as college. (I studied to be an Industrial Arts - shop teacher.) Now folks learn using webinars and blog posts.

These are all good ways to learn. Practice might be the best way!

There are always new things to learn, and WoodCentral is a place for all to read, post and converse with like minded (usually!) individuals interested in working wood. Everyone is accepted - your postings are fine - lets all continue to learn!


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