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I should've said...

David Weaver
..that leaves O1 the king of practical simpler steel plane irons - not the king of irons.

The class of easy sharpening steels and easy to HT steels generally goes together (not completely, but generally).

Then there's the M2/3v/4v/XHP/CPM M4 group that occupy a territory all within striking distance of each other, and I don't guess anyone has delved into the goofy territory of stuff like maxamet, M/K390, Vanadis, let alone rex.

I'm fascinated with the knife world because they talk about the different edge qualities of all of these steels, and the preferences for hardness levels, etc (there are folks on the knife forums who really want knives in the 53 hardness range and nothing harder, and people who never sharpen with anyhing about 180 or 220 grit...)

But the fascinating part is what are they cutting like we plane steel.

The other fascinating thing is Larrin will post a chart, someone will say "which of the steels at the top do you like best", and his response is "I like AEB-L at high hardness- the angle can be dropped back to X degrees per side and it will better any of the test results on the chart"

(but we don't have the option to do the same, because knives need bevel thinness - we need clearance).

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