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revisiting the first pic...not lines, but carbides *PIC*
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David Weaver
..which was at 150x magnification. The carbide picture in this thread is at 300x and that's enough to see things much more clearly.

I thought this was evidence of carbides notching lines out of the matrix, but I've enlarged a section of the picture (which now makes it blurry since it's enlarged), but it appears that what was needed was just the magnification...

...and that what I thought was exit lines is actually the carbides.

Without bill sharing the A2 picture, I wouldn't have thought to try to look closer. It puzzled me yesterday why one picture would show lines, and the other wouldn't. And when I was focusing at 300x, it appeared that there's a layer of lines, but I think it looks like that only because there's a visual anomaly when one is just a bit out of focus on carbide depth.

The shortcoming of my scope is that each image has a very low depth of field, so you can actually on the highest setting be in focus on the top of a carbide and apparently not the bottom (that's 600x for my scope).

So I can't have the scope take a series of pictures and put them together in something clearer. The ability to see something magnified and toplight it is pretty cheap (as I've demonstrated - at least relatively) - even to really high magnification. The ability to have a machine that will do it in sequence to make a really nice picture with depth is enormously more expensive.

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