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Re: Trying to figure out how I fit in here

eliot feldman
Thanks for your encouragement. Actually, neither the idea of using a miter fence nor the clamping system is my idea. The former I saw demonstrated on youtube by one of chief editors of one of the big woodworking mags. and the later I also saw on some youtube video. What I did was to combine the two. And, yes, the advantage of the miter fence design does allow an adjustment for any drift. Unfortunately, the fancy clamping system sort of undoes that-- but not entirely: there's still enough play in the set-up to make a small adjustment for drift. If you wanted to make a considerable drift adjustment (which would mean there are some problems with the rest of the band saw), then the way to do that would be to NOT use the clamping system, make whatever adjustment is necessary, and then just use a regular clamp --vertically-- on the fence.

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