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PM D2 if it's hard....
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David Weaver
..should be about like V11, just shy of it (not sure of carbon level, but less chromium, and still high hardness potential) for abrasion resistance and slightly higher toughness. But it could probably be made into a blade that someone wouldn't be able to easily discern from V11 unless water was left on it overnight.

Brent Beach had a D2 iron pictured on his page (I would guess from Iles). His wear pictures weren't terribly high magnification, but they were enough to see a very sandy pattern at the edge (so I would hazard a guess that the blades were punched out of standard D2, but wouldn't be surprised if PM was used for the chisels - we'll, maybe a little surprised).

I had some of the mortise chisels and they were good chisels, but eventually replaced them with a nonmatching set of I.Sorby or a similar maker (and have used them only to make mortises in a bed).

Bummer that something with it would be delivered soft, but it may have been an attempt to find a temper where it sharpens more easily or has better edge stability if it's the ingot type. It just won't.

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