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need some more explanation of what we're seeing...
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Rafael from PA
It would help me understand the picture a little better if there was a scale embedded in the image.

Some of the pictures you've posted in other threads have a scale of 20 microns. There are details in them that are clearly less than one micron in size.

You and Bill have been back and forth regarding the limits of optical microscopes. I was looking up some information on this subject and it'd take some time to get a good understanding on the use of one of these instruments.

It would help me understand what's going on if a preamble as to what we're about to see were given.

Apparently, if using green light, objects of about 0.5 microns can be resolved.

What is not clear is how are these images supposed to look when one is at the edge of the capabilities of the instruments you are using.


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