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carbides *PIC*
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Photos for bill.. *PIC* ()

David Weaver
bill shared a picture with me with what I think (and I don't know if he does for sure) is carbides. It's scaled and the bumps are about the right size.

So I figured I'd run the 26c3 iron over about 200 linear feet of cherry and see if I could find them. I don't have a very good scope if anything isn't just right, so I do have a picture of these at 600x, but the bevel is rounding so I can't get the whole thing in focus at the same time (a really high dollar scope would, I would guess, have a "power feed" and put layers of pictures together to make one picture in focus through a much larger depth.

This is the carbides at 300x - look just behind the edge. Since this is rolled material and I wouldn't have done enough to spheroidize the carbide with three quick subcritical heats, I suspect these vary from round to worm shaped with the "head" of the worm sticking out of the steel.

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