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David Weaver
I think it may be a surprise to some that the particles in a PM steel that's been heat treated are (at least some of them) bigger than the original powder particles. They may also be surprised to see that matrix steels have smaller particle sizes and smaller carbides than most PMs even though they're not PMs. AEB-L would've been an interesting choice on your venture as it sharpens and grinds easily, but has almost the same wear resistance as 3V at 61 hardness when it's taken to 64 (which larrin says is usable). It's dirt cheap and easy to mill, too.

4V would've also been an interesting choice (but not a cheap one) since it's more or less a slightly less tough slightly harder version of 3V, and at harder temper would match XHP, or be just below M4. I didn't look through every steel, but CPM M4 is probably the last steel on the wear chart that has reasonable toughness and grain size.

For the benefit of others here, I have no idea where the 3 micron rumor got started ("cant see scratches below that") because "it's the wavelength of light and light can't penetrate" - I found the visible spectrum listed as about 0.38 to 0.78 microns. Plus, who knows if the wavelength determines the size of particle that can be seen.

I've been told that OWT by several sources, though.

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