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John in New Mexico
I think the difference is that no fad is a fad to those who understand why a Danish modern finish is the way it is, or a period Sheriton finish, or the lacquer on a guitar. You understand why the aesthetic of each works so it doesn't seem like a fad to you.

Fads are made by people who don't understand the aesthetic application of one look vs another and take what they are excited about right now and want to see it everywhere. When right now becomes yesterday, they abandon the old look in favor of a new one and apply that everywhere. I think that is what Bruce is talking about, there is nothing analytical about this kind of behavior.

Friend of mine years ago used to grump about what he called "fashion victims" - basically those who followed the fad of the day because it was what everyone else was following that day.

That one piece years ago in some magazine or another that used a bent over nail as a door pull or whatever the builder did (I can't quite remember) was specifically designed to needle these people :D Once I got over the jarring look of the thing I remember liking that aspect from a design point of view.

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