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My experience has been the same...
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Durable finish *PIC* ()

David Weaver
..the only thing that changes appearance on handles is filthy gritty hands. It's not as if that would be hard to refresh, though.

The water marks I've had on furniture are only cup rings (my daughter, but on a case that's in her room - she can do whatever she wants - it takes seconds to get a paper towel and spray shellac and make all of them go away) and my son's slobber marks.

Same fix.

The shellac is so thin on most of the quick furniture that I make that the only other thing that's occurred is grain raising over a long period of time. Planing rather than sanding allows for much laziness in finishing (two padded coats will start to have a sheen without waiting for anything to dry).

I've not ever followed the commercial side of finishing - it usually involves needing to spray outside or exhaust gases. I'm not set up for either of those. The only commercial use I've seen in guitars is the classical guitars, but they have low string energy and yamaha claims that their shellac finishes are about 20-30 microns whereas film finishes on guitars are generally closer to 300. (that matches what George said about people expecting high end nylon string guitars to be french polished to preserve volume).

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Durable finish *PIC*
My experience has been the same...
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Stay Tuned
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