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Sorry Ken...
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Stanley 280 butt mortiser ()

David Weaver
....I think the issue (I have never heard of it, but your mentioned spurred me to go look for the machine) is that nobody has familiarity with the machine (I don't).

I'm waiting for someone to respond so I can learn more about it.

I think what you need is to find a way to get people mad about it. Tell them their butt mortises have cellulite if they aren't using the 280 :)

I'm sure nobody wants to hear more about my plane irons unless the post says "I'm giving away free ones".

If they're any good, I may. If they're not, well, then the rule is the toolmaker keeps the junk.

I for one would like to hear more about the butt mortiser, though, as stanley generally didn't make a lot for a fluff market. Their tools had purpose.

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