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David Weaver
.if the grinding each time is a bother, just grind to an angle around 22 or so and hone the final bevel to something like 33. In idealized tests, you can get slightly better edge life out of 30 degrees, but in real use, you can't.

If the angles are separated by a wide margin, you can hone several times before regrinding. I'd avoid sharpening more if I had to grind every time.

I haven't found any decent steel that has damage beyond the first several thousandths with a grind angle of 20 degrees (the first several thousandths are always damage in the secondary or tertiary bevel, whatever is used). A 15 degree bevel will collapse behind the secondary, though, but 15 degrees isn't that easy to grind - it's thin and doesn't disperse heat well (thin and long) and the contact area of the wheel is much greater, increasing friction further and slowing the cutting of the wheel - no matter what the wheel is.

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