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Jack Dover
Oh well, I was still replying to the "sanding vs planing" question.

I would probably agree that any possible color difference between plane irons from different steels can't be discerned by most people. And that for ones that can it is mostly irrelevant - that color is going to change even without a finish. Discussing which steel gives the best surface is also kinda fruitless - at the end of the day it's more about sharpening schedule than anything else. And as a user I'm not very interested in metics like "steel X can do 100 l.f., steel Y can do only 98.7 l.f.!" - both of these would get resharpened at 30l.f. tops. But I'd get irritated quickly when steel X takes 3 times as long to sharpen and requires a very particular sharpening setup.

And of course I agree that some choices are made early and define the outcome. I.e. one should already know what type of finish is going to be, we probably won't event sand a paint grade job. If someone is looking for the "glass tomb" type of finish - finish planing makes very little sense, such finish will kill every imaginable difference, so why bother.

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Re: Clarifying a point
Re: Clarifying a point
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