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my coupons appear to be getting bulk...

David Weaver
...rate postal service treatment (like a real coupon, like the ones you clip).

10/8, the mailman picked up my box mid-day, by the next morning, the box was listed as deliverable 10/13.

It then went north 15 miles, which is not toward the main distribution center in the city (which is 6 miles south). The delivery status was updated to 10/9. That made even less sense.

Saturday, I checked the tracking status and it again said 10/13, and then around noon, it changed to 10/9 (though it only by then made it back from 15 miles north to in the city). Larrin and I both live in long established suburbs that aren't far from the city, so that was odd, but maybe they're short on labor and making up for it by sorting faster. At 9pm, the tracking update said the package would be delivered saturday by 9pm, and then the status changed to 10/13, and last night at 4:40am, the package arrived in the correct suburb. a total of about 15 miles away.

I see today is columbus day. there have been times that I've sent something priority to seattle at 5pm only to have it delivered the next day - 1 day ahead of the two-day shipping schedule.

And then this kind of stuff that balances out those favorable deliveries.

The real point of waiting for the testing now is I think given the terrible heat treatment videos on youtube for forge heat treatment, if standardized specs turn out well, then I will make a video showing what I do. It won't be that interesting to people here, but it's clear that it would be helpful to the half dozen or so folks who want to make things with metal cutting parts and also make those parts.

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