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The wiley pic... *PIC*

David Weaver
..since Wiley asked about the surface quality last time. This is off of the washita (unscuffed) with only the corner of the buffing wheel stropping the edge - it's not a heavily buffed edge and not refined (I just like the gentleness of the buff on the corner - it's such a thorough and gentle strop).

As I mentioned last time, V11 rules for surface brightness (but I never pay much attention to that because we see uniformity and only brightness if able to compare a very very sheer finish and even at that, with one surface next to another. It never happens). The 26c3 surface is about as bright as the V11 surface - I don't know the reason - maybe they're about equal in how deep the washita is scratching.

Nonetheless, this is the surface left by the test shaving here. Can you clearly see the reflection of the can on the surface of the wood? The brighter the surface is, the clearer the reflection of the can.

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