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Part of the issue with a forum...

David Weaver
.is that if I don't like something you make or like some detail of it, then It's seen as an affront. If you don't like my pieces and you tell me, it's not an affront. I will collect the data (i may tell you why I like them, but I expect at the end of the day, i hope nobody likes something because I like it. I hope they like it because they like it.

I know enough about you that you like what you like, so it's not like if I don't like something, your opinion of whatever it is will change.

For the two pieces you showed, both are nicely made. I don't care for the first one - it's got other than classical lines, it's oak, the round feet are not a big winner with me as they always look like add on, and there are exposed dovetails aplenty - plus - and the color is dead looking to me. But it's very well made I think nobody with sense would argue that it's not well made. The rest is just opinion.

I like everything about the second piece except the fact that the finish isn't gloss. I don't care if it's varnish or lacquer or whatever else (shellac, for example), the depth is taken away to my eye and something is stolen from it. That's just an opinion.

But, the gist "we'll let everyone else judge", well, why should it matter? If the majority opinion is that satin is better than gloss, then, i'm not in the majority. If the majority opinion is that dead clear UV protected finishes are better than the tones that come from older varnish or shellac, then well...OK? I guess? I still like the latter.

You mentioned that a lot of makers now make things in classic style out of mahogany and cover with polyurethane. I'm not a buyer of that kind of furniture, so it doesn't matter, but I wouldn't have something made of mahogany with polyurethane on it unless a relative made it. Others would, and I wouldn't have any interest in changing their mind.

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